5 Tips for Buying Shoes You Will Wear

With the cooler fall weather, thoughts turn away from sandals (and those terrible flip flops) to shoes and boots. I have been checking out the 2015 fall footwear fashions (say that 5 times fast) and am a bit underwhelmed. Harpers Baazar magazine divides the fall styles into the following categories:
Prime Patchwork
The Furside
Color Contrast
Going Higher
Full Metal
Boys Life
Hey Mary Jane
You can also take a look at Glamour Magazine  and PopSugar’spicks for women’s shoe trends.
Oh, and for men? You wear shoes like you always do. That is probably a bit flippant. Sorry. No, Esquirehas a list of the 5 “must own shoes.” I am willing to bet they look like the shoes in your closet…
But here is my point for today.

5 Tips for buying shoes you will wear –

1.       Buy your real size. This means that you go to a shoe store and have the salesperson measure your feet and try on shoes in that size. Of all the things that matter in this world, your shoe size is not one of them. Try on shoes in your real size. As with other clothing, some manufacturers may have variances that will cause you to adjust your size but the best starting place is your measurement.
2.       Wear the foot covering that you will wear with the shoe. That is, if you are going to wear the boots  with thick socks, try the boots on with thick socks. If you are going to wear the shoe with hose, try the shoes on with your feet in hose. This is an important part of getting the right fit.
3.       The time of day will make a difference in your foot. If you shop later in the day, your foot will be slightly swollen. If you buy shoes in the morning, you may find that they are tight later in the day.
4.       The shoes should feel comfortable immediately. No kidding. If shoes are not comfortable at the beginning, they will never be comfortable. If you put them on and are amazed by how great they feel, then they are a good pair to consider.
5.       Remember when you were a kid and your mother or the shoe salesperson would put their thumb at the top of the shoe to see if there was enough space? You still need to do that with one minor change – check to see that there is space between your longest toe and the top of the shoe.Some of us have a second toe that is longer than our big toe. You want to make sure there is space between your longest toe and the top of the shoe.
I do have some other thoughts about shoes. You will do better with shoes that are made with natural materials that can breathe – like leather. You need to make sure that you change your shoes every day so that your shoes get a chance to dry out between wearings.
Have a great time shopping for your fall/winter shoes. There is nothing like a new pair of shoes. Unless you are a man and then I would suggest that it isn’t much fun because the choice is not there. (Black wingtips or brown wingtips?)
Your Pal,
The Foot Blogger Chick


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