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Are you ready?

This could be this could be one of the fastest Chicago Marathons ever.  There will be 5 male competitors that have records of 2:05 and four women with records of 2:20.

There will be 45,000 runners.  They represent 50 states and more than 100 countries

The course winds through 29 Chicago neighborhoods.  Plenty of diversity in both culture and architecture for runners to experience.

If you are running, I am sure you have looked over the course (driven it or run it) but in case you need a map of the course, you can find it here. 
Okay, so by now you have your shoes, socks, clothes and drinks set.  As I said before,
The one thing that you might want to do this week is to practice getting up and getting ready at the time that you would need to be at the race.
When polled as to their pre-race ritual, over 40 percent of runners answered that they pack their gear and lay out their clothes. Over 28 percent saying that they carbo load the night before to prepare. What is your plan?
Have a great race!

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