10 Foot Trivia Questions

This week we will do a little foot trivia test. Yes, all the questions have been covered in prior blog posts.  No, I am not doing this to see if you are paying attention. (Well, um.. maybe) The questions are just little fun facts about feet.
1.        Which of the following have flat feet?
a.       Ballerinas
b.      Football players
c.       Babies
d.      Law enforcement officers
2.       Socrates said “When our feet hurt…
a.       We should wear cushions in our shoes
b.      We need to work laying down
c.       We hurt all over
d.      We should go without shoes
3.       The largest and strongest tendon in the foots is the
a.       Archibald tendon
b.      Alice tendon
c.       Achilles tendon
d.      Aunt tendon
4.       A swollen joint in your big toe is an indication of
a.       An allergy to apples
b.      Old age
c.       Gout
d.      Toothenfairy disease
5.       Gout is a form of
a.       A cold virus
b.      A fungus
c.       Arthritis
d.      TMJ
6.       You should buy shoes at the end of the day because
a.       The sales are better then
b.      Your feet are at their smallest
c.       Your feet are at their largest
d.      You are tired and make decisions faster
7.       Athlete’s foot is caused by
a.       Having your foot stepped on too many times by other athletes
b.      Not wearing socks while participating in sporting events
c.       A fungus found in locker rooms, public showers, and dressing rooms
d.      A bacteria that is spread by sneezing
8.       There are how many bones in the foot?
a.       15
b.      215
c.       26
d.      45
9.       Hammertoes affects
a.       The toes of construction workers because they drop hammers on them
b.      All people over the age of 75
c.       The 2, 3, or 4th toes
d.      Jugglers – it is caused by dropping juggled items on toes and jugglers always start by juggling hammers
10.    What is the worst shoe you can wear?
a.       6 inch high heels
b.      Construction boots
c.       Flip flops
d.      Glass slippers
There you are, 10 foot trivia questions to see how well you know feet. Oh, you want the answers too? Well, I would have thought that you would know them without my help.  Alright, I will give you the answers.  The answer to every question is “C”.
Have a great weekend! We’ll be here next week with more interesting foot information.

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