Getting Your Feet Ready for The Weather

It’s almost that time to slide out of your favorite pair of flip flops and step into a pair of comfortable, cozy shoes.  Whether you live in Florida or Canada, most people have to transition from warm weather shoes to ones more suitable for the colder fall weather. And sometimes it’s easy to forget how to give our feet the TLC they need as we shift our daily activities from swimming and beach walks to hiking and strolling through the park.

So, we’re providing you with some key tips based on different closed-toe shoe styles to help keep your feet in mint condition as the colder months approach.


It’s hard to contain the excitement about stepping back into our adored boots come the fall season. Whether your favorite is a pair of cozy Uggs, thigh-high stilettos, sporty hiking boots or ankle booties, your feet will be going from free and able to breathe, to tucked away into tighter and more narrow shoes.

Remember to: Wear socks. Even if it’s thinner socks like sheer ankle socks, it’s important to wear something since most boots are made of leather or other tough and materials that can bruise toenails, cause blisters, or injure your heel bone. Also, since boots tend to be heavier, feet sweat more easily, so remember to change your socks often – or use a dry powder inside your socks for better moisture protection.




Everyone has their favorite pair of sneakers, regardless of who they are or what they do. Sneakers are some of the most comfortable shoes we can own. However, they are a common breeding ground for bacteria to grow and fungal infections to form. Lastly, since you probably spend a lot of time in your sneakers, make sure your pair fits well and is not too tight or loose, as that can cause a whole set of other foot or ankle issues.

Remember to:

Since most people also engage in some form of exercise while wearing sneakers, it’s crucial to wear moisture wicking, cotton socks so your feet stay dry and you avoid a fungal infection. Also, cut your toenails to their natural, comfortable length so that they don’t dig into your toes and cause inflammation when running, jogging or walking.


Flats are usually designed to be comfortable. Even a fashionable pair can give you extended mileage while you’re on your feet all day. But, since most flats are worn without socks or foot protection, it’s important to take preventative measures to keep your feet healthy and pretty.

Remember to: Moisturize your feet to prevent cracked and itchy skin, which is common in any shoes worn on bare feet. Optimally, try to wear invisible shoe liners if possible, for additional support so your foot not only stays cushioned, but also dry. This prevents calluses, blisters and foot odor. Also, if you are flat-footed, try arch support inserts so the plantar fascia tissue in your feet stays supported and in a natural position. This can help prevent the onset of plantar fasciitis, a common foot condition that is preventable.


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