10 Tips for Buying Toddler Shoes

While you hate to cover up those little piggies, when your toddler is heading outside, it is time for shoes.  But how do you pick shoes for a toddler?  Well, here are some tips to help you with this purchase.
1.        Even toddler feet swell during the day.  Go for shoes after nap time in the afternoon.
2.       Go to a store that specializes in children’s shoes.  First of all, they will be helpful with regard to fit and then they also know about working with children who don’t want to be shoe shopping.
3.      Measure both feet.  Often one foot is larger than the other.  Buy shoes for the larger foot.  Also, you might be tempted to buy shoes larger than your child’s foot because their feet grow so fast.  Curb that impulse.  If you must buy bigger, don’t go more than one size bigger.
4.       Make sure that the shoes have fasteners.  Velcro, ties, or buckles – it doesn’t matter as long as it helps to keep the shoe on your toddler’s foot. Toddlers should not wear slip on shoes.
5.       Really check the fit.  Toddler’s feet are wide.  Make sure the width is roomy, that there is about ½ inch between your toddler’s longest toe and the top of the shoe, and that the toe box of the shoe has enough room for plenty of toe wiggling.
6.       For every day wear outside the house, get a sneaker or a soft soled shoe.  You want your child’s ligaments and muscles to be able to stretch and strengthen.
7.      The shoes should be comfortable right away.  There is not a “breaking in” period for children’s shoes.  Also, get them to wear them around the store for a few minutes.  You want to make sure that they have a chance to see if the shoe is comfortable.
8.      Avoid plastic shoes.  Go for shoes that will breathe – either leather or canvas shoes.
9.      Flex the sole of the shoe to make sure that it bends easily.  Once again, toddlers need to develop their muscles and ligaments.  If the sole of the shoe is too stiff, it can change the shape of the child’s foot.
10.  After you have found the right shoe, let your toddler pick the color and design.  If they like it, they may not kick them off in the stroller while you are walking down the street.
11.   Let your toddler run around in his/her bare feet around the house.  This will help your child walk properly.
And just a quick word on second hand shoes – while tempting, unless it is a pair of shoes for a special occasion that will not be worn long, do not put second hand shoes on your toddler.  Shoes mold to the foot that wears them and you want the shoes to conform to your child’s foot not the prior child’s foot.
Children outgrow shoes quickly.  You need to check often to make sure your child’s shoes still fit.  If you are having trouble getting them on your child’s foot that is a sign that they are getting too small.  Depending on the child, if they kick them off all the time it could be that they are too small.  (or it can just be the sign of a toddler.)
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Foot Blogger Chick
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