Frostbite Quiz

Frostbite Quiz
1.        Frostbite is caused by

A.       Skin and body tissues being exposed to extreme cold
B.       Jack Frost nipping at your nose
C.       Getting overheated while outside – it is just like goose                    bumps
2.        Wind chill readings do not affect your chances of getting frostbite.

A.      False
B.      True

3.        There are three levels of frostbite.  Can you name them?

A.       Frostnip, superficial frostbite, and deep frostbite
B.       Snap, Krackle, Pop
C.      Cold spots, max cold spots, extreme cold spots
4.        Most people who have frostbite also have

A.      Hypothermia
B.      Glasses
C.      Swollen knuckles

5.        What should you wear on your hands in the extreme cold?

A.      Mittens rather than gloves
B.      White cotton gloves

C.      Nothing




6.  How can you avoid frostbite?

A.   Wear layers
B.    Live somewhere warm
C.    Line your shoes with aluminum foil

7.  What will help keep your feet from getting frostbite?

A.  Wear socks that will allow your feet to move in your boots so           that your blood flow is not restricted
B.  Paint your toe nails – that will help hold in the heat
C.  Wear socks that have individual toes.
8.  Do I have to see a doctor if I think I have frostbite?

A.  Yes!  Severe frostbite can ause blisters, gangrene, and damage          to muscles, nerves and even bone.
B.  Depends on your insurance

C.  No, your toes don’t matter. 

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9.  The parts of the body that are more susceptible to frostbite are your extremities – hands, finger, toes, feet, ears, and nose.

A.  True
B.   False
10.  People who have peripheral neuropathy have high risk factors for frostbite.

A.  True
B.  False
How do you think you did on the quiz?  Wondering about the answers?  Well, it is simple – the correct answer to each question is “A”. 

Frostbite is a dangerous condition.  It is one of those things you have probably heard about your entire life but never really gave it much thought. You need to think of it on those really cold days.  The damage you can do is permanent and can be extensive. Please make sure when going out in bitterly cold weather that you dress appropriately and don’t stay outside for very long. 


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