5 Ways to Help Your Dry Skin


When the leaves dry out so does the skin on your feet


I don’t know about you but winter really takes a toll on my skin. I can sit here and feel the skin on my hands practically screaming for some lotion. (You mean this doesn’t happen to you?)
But while my hands get all the attention, my feet are amazingly bad. The dry skin is even sharp!  I know I should do more but I always forget until they are horrible.
Letting your feet get this dry does not only look bad but is isn’t healthy. Those dry cracks and fissures in your feet can allow bacteria and fungus to grow. These invaders can then get into your body via the dry skin cracks. This is especially dangerous if you are diabetic.
If you have been lax like me, it is time to get going to eliminate the dry skin. Otherwise you will go into summer with your feet not looking their best.
5 Ways to Help Your Dry Feet

1.        Not surprisingly, the first way is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. If your feet are really dry, try a product like Aquaphor or Amlactin or Kerasal. These are products that will help with extremely dry skin. When you take a shower, before you dry your feet, put on the moisturizer and let it soak in. then make sure that you dry your feet particularly between the toes. Before you go to bed, lotion up your feet and put on those old cotton socks. Yes, this is the one instance that I suggest cotton socks. The socks will help keep the lotion on your feet while it soaks in.


2.       Your feet sweat even in the winter. The sweat sitting on your skin will break down the skin and open it to infection. This is even worse if you have dry skin to begin with. One of the things that will help is if you wear wool or wicking socks to keep the sweat away from your skin where it can cause damage. Carry an extra pair of socks with you and change your socks if you see or feel that they are wet.
3.       Another think that will help keep your feet healthy all the time but especially in winter is wearing a different pair of shoes each day. You need to let your shoes dry out for at least 24 hours between wearings.
Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row.
4.       Using a pumice stone in the shower is way to help get the dry skin off your feet . To use a pumice stone, you get it wet in the shower or bath and then put some soap on it and then rub the stone against your foot. It will help the dry skin slough off.

5.       If you have tried all the above and you still have dry feet , it is time to head to your friendly local podiatrist to have them safely remove the dead skin from your feet. This procedure is called debridement. Oh, it will feel so great after they are finished. Sometimes you don’t realize how much the dead skin is bothering you until it is gone and you feel  like a new person. Also, if your problem is serious, the doctor may discuss the use of a prescription moisturizer with you.

We hope your New Year is off to a great start!

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